let the (polaroid) adventure begin!

So you may remember that my awesome friend Travis the Awesome gave me his old polaroid camera. Well the film finally arrived, and tonight I finally put it all together and experimented.

And of course documented it.

Step one: inserting the film.

Camera and film, pre-film:

And after. The Impossible Project includes a darkslide with their film (mine says “grease lightning”).

So then I took my first picture! Here it is developing…

…and lalala I  lined everything up while I waited…

please note purple toenails

…and finally I turned it over aaaaand…

…it’s horrible.

I think I knew that polaroids aren’t good for far-away shots, but uh I guess I had to test it? Bleh. I’ll show you the shot anyway, so you can fully partake in the experience. It’s the view from my bedroom window. Unfortunately, I don’t have a scanner, so here’s a picture of the picture:

There’s just too much in the frame—it’s too crowded and too dark and everything is the same texture. Oh well. Learning experience!

So then I took a second picture.

And I like this one much better. Here’s the family dog, looking all forlorn and adorable.

So there you have it! Grace’s first adventure with the polaroid. I kind of love my little SX-70, I haveta say. :)


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