will you guys still like me if I’m boring?

Got my new glasses today. Plus side: I CAN SEEEEEEEEEE!

Downside: I already miss my red stripey frames. These new frames, while doing a really good job of holding the lenses, are not nearly so interesting as my last ones. I like the shape, and I like the black (I went for a straight-up geek look), but… they’re not exactly boring, they just… aren’t as QUIRKY. And if I am anything, I am QUIRKY.

Here are the new glasses in question:

So that is what I look like now. Usually my hair is better and I’m not making that face. Usually.

And now, I am going to fight the cat out out of the EXACT MIDDLE of the bed and get some ZZZs, because tomorrow is the big company-wide outing to a fun island of fun, where I will pwn everyone with my mad softball skills.


3 thoughts on “will you guys still like me if I’m boring?

  1. I know the feeling. I didn’t like any of the choices this season (or whatever they call it when they change styles). I was determined to get something awesome and in-your-face… and there wasn’t anything! Except a pair of bright yellow frames, but I hate yellow.

    So, the new glasses are flattering but, yeah, dull. I swear, I’m not buying glasses again until they bring out something good!

  2. @laura–ha. ha. :P

    @Vixen–if my previous pair weren’t mostly one giant scratch and falling apart at the corners, I maybe would have looked a bit more. oh well. I can see now!

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