evelyn evelyn take TWO

You may remember that I went and saw the first show of Evelyn Evelyn’s first tour. Well, tonight I went to the House of Blues and saw the last show of the tour.

Fucking fantastic.

They switched up the set order, starting with Sxip Shirey, leading into Evelyn Evelyn, and then after a brief intermission letting Jason Webley and Amanda Palmer let loose as themselves. Definitely a better flow.

Also, the twins were more developed as characters. Each one had a distinctive personality; it’s like they found themselves on the tour. Fab.

Also also—I don’t know if there’s a term for the music that plays over the speakers while things are being set up, or during intermission, but if you listen closely/know German (luckily I went with someone fluent tonight) you will notice that the songs are about Evelyn Evelyn. I mean there are the obvious ones I mentioned last time, stuff like Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper or—not Lean on Me but something with a similar theme. (They play Lean on Me during the show, which is why it’s stuck in my head.) Songs about girls/sisters/relying on people. BUT during the intermission there were songs actually about Evelyn Evelyn. One was in German and apparently about looking at the twins through a window? SO. I want that to be released, please, AFP.

But yeah, overall, a great show. The crowd was small and kind of quiet, and it was all seated which I will never get used to at concerts. But I had fun.

Some members of the audience were kind of obnoxious, but what can you do.