tip jar: shut the fuck up

(Note: This was the only real post I did at my short-lived anonymous blog, which I am now deleting.)

So this hot chick that I may have mentioned before, Hannah Moskowitz, made this video (she’s a YA Rebel, they do daily vlogs on writing, check it out) and she talked about the best and worst writing advice she’s ever received. It’s pretty funny, you should watch it.

I want to talk for a sec about her Best Writing Advice, which is:

“Shut the fuck up and write your book.”

(cont’d after the vid)

Like, yeah.


Shut up.

Stop talking about how you need to write, how you can’t write, how much it sucks. Stop tweeting. Stop blogging. Stop reading blogs about writing. Stop posting on writing forums. Stop reading writing forums. Stop making lists of your main character’s traits/favorites. Stop making maps. (You’re looking at an ex-fantasy-trilogy-master here, you can’t fool me. I know what you’re up to.) Stop talking about writing.

Because if you don’t shut the fuck up and do it… well you won’t get it done.

Just look at me.

Let’s just say… I am not always good at following the advice I give.

I talk nonstop about writing (and, well, everything else). And I don’t get shit done.

So I’m passing Hannah’s advice onto you and I’m going to follow it myself.

All together now, with feeling! “Shut the fuck up and write your book. Shut the fuck up and write your book. HURRAH!”


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