sunday evening ladida

Today I made mussels for the first time ever! I steamed them with white wine and garlic and they ended up like this:


It was pretty exciting, lmty. I’ve decided to learn to make seafood better. I’m all over the pasta and meat-and-potatoes and brownies kind of meals (what, brownies are totally a meal), but I’m not very good at seafood. WOOO fun plans and things.

It’s been a pretty unexciting weekend, which is the best kind imho. Lots of Avengers, and The Hills (what don’t judge me), and a new Doctor Who (eh) and the dog sitting on me and the cat ignoring me and grocery shopping (mussels!) and yeah it’s been pretty nice. I found what could be a totally awesome apartment that I’m going to go look at tomorrow. Not going to say anything DON’T WANT TO JINX IT.  Stay tuned.

hm yeah that’s it. This is one of those boring posts that happens here sometimes. Sorry! Love ya.