all hail SPACECAT

I think it is time.

I think you are ready.

Are you ready?

It is time, dear readers, to share with you the secret of Gracetopia. What makes us great. It is not what you think. Or, if you’ve been paying attention, maybe it is exactly what you think.

So what makes Gracetopia so glorious? Let me tell you. We are protected, you see, dearest readers, by that greatest of creatures. Feared from here to the planet Shadow, worshiped by young and old across galaxies and times. She watches over us and keeps us safe and makes sure we always have white wine and ice cream.

I speak, of course, of that elusive entity known as SPACECAT.


all hail

Fear her. Worship her. Love her.

She will maybe deign to thump her tail in your general direction.

(Side note. We thought about dressing up Wednesday the Cat as SPACECAT but then considered how quickly we would be dead vs. how cute she would be, and the cuteness lost. Barely. Maybe for Halloween.)


7 thoughts on “all hail SPACECAT

  1. I totally dressed up my cats for Halloween. The angel cat was dressed as a devil (he tolerated it), and the devil cat got wings… which traumatized her. She basically laid down on them and stayed on her back the whole day.


    SPACECAT is not amused.

    (yeah Sage I don’t think Wednesday would take kindly to constumes haha.)

  3. Princess Penelope

    Yuki has a kitty-crush on SpaceCat and wanted to sent a little warm-fuzzy pic her way. Glad you like it :)

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