my favorite fuzzybeasts & upcoming events in gracetopia

Sunday in Gracetopia, and we’re lounging around in the a/c, reading, with our two favorite little beasties (and we’re not sure why this sentence is in the plural):

That’s Wednesday the Cat on the left and Roommate’s sleepyfaced pup on the right, and my big feet on the far right.

This is going to be my last calm day for a while, so I’m savoring every minute. This week I’m going to DC for work for a few days, which then leads straight into VACATION WOO! My work flight lands in Boston at 8pm and my vacation flight leaves Boston at 7am the next day—with the first episode of a NEW PROJECT RUNWAY SEASON in between—so THAT will be a fun 12 hours. But then vacation! I’m meeting up with a bunch of my friends in LA, and I don’t think the city’s prepared for how awesome we are.

Why LA? you may be asking. (Or not, but I’m answering anyway.) SCBWI! That’s Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, for those of you playing at home, and their annual summer conference is happening next weekend. I’m not attending the conference itself, but I’m going to go hang with my friends who are going. Expect pictures! If I’m not too busy lying on the beach. (It’s a hard life I have, I know.)

So yeah. This is my last day to myself for a while, so I’m just going to sit here with the pets and drink some wine if the bugs would be kind enough to stop kamikaze-ing into my glass, and read Chew, which I highly recommend, and write a bit, which I also highly recommend.

And here’s one more fuzzybeast picture because AWWW:

Peace out.