boldly going west


I went away on vacation and my brain forgot to come back. Sorry bout that. But I’m here now! With updates!

So. In the week+ since last we met, these things have happened:

1. Sunburn.
Ooooh sunburn. I spent an entire day by the hotel pool having people bring me drinks with umbrellas and pink bits in them, which was lovely, but I didn’t pack sunscreen. Oops. Oh well. I’m sexy-tan now.

2. Madame Tussaud’s.
Lots of fun! Observe:

(Guess which one is me.)


We also wandered around… that place where there are all the cement handprints… and stuff…

I know, right? (That extra foot belongs to the lovely Hannah Moskowitz, my partner in crime on these adventures.)

3. IT’S ITS.
Omg. I can’t even. Like.

An It’s It is an ice cream sandwich, vanilla between two oatmeal cookies, dipped in chocolate. They were a sometimes-treat when I was a kid living in CA, and I didn’t realized until I moved away that they are a WEST-COAST EXCLUSIVE.

So the first thing I did upon returning to the left coast—buy me some It’s Its and eat them all up. NOM NOM NOM. (And of course I had to take some really immature photos to send to the kidbro.)

The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrator’s conference was the main reason I was out there—not to attend, but because all of my friends were attending. (I am using the measurement “all” very loosely here.) I did crash one panel and one party, but other than that I just hung out. I did manage to meet some cool people, though, and have some simply wonderful conversations about writing and publishing and reading and whatnot. Cindy and Suz included me in their documentation of the conference, if you go want to play Where’s Waldo in their pictures. (warning: Cindy’s post also contains a lot of food pics that will make your mouth water excessively.) If I missed anyone else’s pics, let me know!

5. MuserTOWN
After the conference, my friends and I all roadtripped down to Long Beach for a fun reading of our books/works-in-progress. I read from Bethany Griffin‘s Handcuffs since she couldn’t make it. There was also an EPIC GAME of Zombie Tag, which was videotaped. Stay tuned. There may be footage of me screaming for brains. (And thanks to Scott and Sonia for showing up! Awesome surprise.)

6. MST3K
Lots and lots of MST3K.

Because really, what better way to cap off a perfect vacation?

And now I’m home and thinking of getting a kitten. Because. KITTEN. Hello.


6 thoughts on “boldly going west

  1. At the risk of sounding a tad forward: YOU CAN VISIT MY ARSE-END ANY DAY.

    aaaaand now I feel a sudden inexplicable urge to make jokes about Uranus.

    Probably involving the words gas giant and ring

  2. The next best thing to taking a vacation… reading about Grace’s vacation!

    All the fun without the sunburn or hangovers… Loved the pics, not sure which was my favorite, was museum or star trek – both awesome.

  3. SpaceCat says that you can -think- about getting a kitten…but you dare not go through with it. She can’t be held responsible for her actions should you defy her wishes.

  4. Dude, my kitty has been SO FRIENDLY since I told her I was thinking of getting a kitten. It’s weird. I think she’s being like, “look I am the perfect cat you don’t need another one do you mommy really don’t be silly purrr.”

    Thanks, Brandon! (also, I was so NOT hungover, thank you very much. :P)

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