oh hey a rant


If you do not stand up for a pregnant woman on a subway or a bus, I JUDGE YOU.

I don’t know why Boston seems particularly bad about this, but sometimes I am the only person offering my seat to a pregnant woman. One week I gave my seat to the same woman twice. This morning the woman was already on the T when I boarded, standing, and when the seats cleared out she thankfully sat down in one—nobody had offered to stand up before.

I just. Seriously, people. These women have LITTLE HUMANS inside of them. Cut them a break. Sure, maybe you’ve had a long day. She probably has too—with a LITTLE HUMAN inside of her.

“But sometimes it is hard to tell,” I hear you say. “Is she pregnant or just chubby?”


If it looks like the baby could fall out of her at any moment, you should stand up. In addition, here are some tips from the BBC. Apparently this is a common problem.

So. Stand up. Step aside. Let the pregnant lady rest her feet. She’s carrying a LITTLE HUMAN. And in less than 9 months, she’s not going to be getting much rest at all.


Footnote to post: I’m not trying to pat myself on the back here, and I’m not trying to say that I’m the only person in Boston who stands up for pregnant women, that’s not true at all. I’ve just noticed more problems here than anywhere else I’ve been. Then again, I’ve ridden the subway here more than in any other city, so maybe people are assholes all over the country/world.


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