juror number OH HAI

So today was my first ever jury duty. I’m a real adult, guys!

And… I don’t really get what the big deal is. Granted, I was only there for one day for a trial that was pretty simple, and I didn’t get a huge long annoying trial, and I did get a trial, I didn’t have to sit there all day and twiddle my thumbs, but… everyone always complains and I don’t get it. It was a day out of the office (which, granted, is going to bite me in the ass tomorrow) and I spent all of my waiting time reading Ender’s Shadow, which—how can you go wrong with that? And the court thing was interesting. Maybe it was just because it was my first time, but I actually found it interesting. Is that normal?

So yeah. I don’t really see what the big deal is.

Also I rewarded myself for service to the community by going to Burger King, so that was cool too. :)

nom nom nom fries


3 thoughts on “juror number OH HAI

  1. It’s perfectly normal for writers. Of course, I was terrified out of my wits because I had to go to Philly for mine, and I do NOT drive in cities, and the train is unreliable (4 hour delay the day I went- thank goodness I went up the night before so I’d have a quick walk to the courthouse from the hotel). So, for me, not so much bad as unaffordable. They ended up not needing me, but to get compensated for the hotel I had to go to the courthouse anyway. That was pretty cool. The Philly court house is a bizarre mix of WOW and boring. I guess the downstairs is WOW while the actual offices are boring?

    Honestly though, I’m not looking forward to my call back because the decent hotels in Philly are pricey! If I could be guaranteed a same day, one day trial, not mafia/cartel stuff… I’d probably be good.

  2. As far as I know I can’t change it closer. It was for Federal jury duty. The local is here in town, but I wasn’t called in for that.

    Oh, I’d love to sit in on a mafia trial, I just don’t ever want them to know about me. I’m super paranoid.

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