g is for grace

This past Sunday I headed down to Edward Gorey’s house with the BF. And I took my camera. And did not take pictures.

I do that sometimes. Cool place or vacation and I totally just leave the camera in the bag. Oops. So the pics I’m posting aren’t mine, but I’m linking to their owners.


The Edward Gorey House is pretty cool.

(photo from here)

There’s a Dracula exhibit, a couple of his fur coats (from his pre-animal-rights-activist days), an exhibit of his collaborations with famous authors, and so much STUFF. He collected STUFF like it was going out of style. And there’s a scavenger hunt (supposedly for the kids, but fuck THAT) where you have to find all the Gashlycrumb Tinies or their representation within the house. (My favorite has always been Neville.)


House Cat.

(photo from here)

His name is Umbledrum (I think—something like that). He currently weighs 21 lbs. He’s very vocal about his level of annoyance with your existence.

And guys.

I heard.

The docent. While giving a tour. Said.

They are going to AUCTION OFF HIS COATS.



I think she said October 30, I cannot find any information online, but if anyone wants to donate to the GRACE GETTING AN EDWARD GOREY COAT FUND let me know.

(from here)

I’m assuming they’re not going to auction off that specific coat (which they have on display) because it’s the famous one, but apparently they have a collection of like 15.



That’s the Edward Gorey House. If you’re in the MA area you should drop by; it’s in Yarmouthport and it’s all very quaint and the museum is pretty kick-ass.

One final note: The Edward Gorey house is less kick-ass on Sunday afternoons when everyone is trying to get off the Cape. I get cranky in traffic.

Also I realize (one final final note) that I wrote this post kind of just assuming everyone knows who Edward Gorey is. Uh, if not… I give you wikipedia!


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  1. me too! he was definitely the highlight. and thanks for taking such a lovely picture to make up for my failure to do so haha.

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