interesting linky round-up

I’m catching up on a couple of weeks of blogs in my feed reader (I’m lazy and behind, big shock wooo) and I thought I’d link to some of the more interesting and oddball things I’ve found.

In other news, I’m pretty sure I’m the only person in the blogosphere not reading Mockingjay right now.


seven steps to snake-keeping: Cat tells you what to do if a snake gets into your house.

Tea Time! Sean Ferrell + NUMB: Victoria Schwab interviews Sean Ferrell on his debut novel, Numb. (btw, I saw Numb in Brookline Booksmith the other day and it was pretty hot, lmty.)

I Myself Am a Lone Duck: If Shoes Could Kill is simply a website that posts crazy/weird shoes every day; it’s one of my favorite websites evah, and one of the few that I check daily (yes, I have a problem). This is one of my favorite pairs of the past few weeks. Also good: part shoe/part hoof.

Fall 2010 Fantasy Cover Trends: Malinda Lo at the Enchanted Inkpot points out some trends in the upcoming season of fantasy covers.

Book Review: THE UNIDENTIFIED by Rae Mariz: Kristin at YA Highway reviewed Rae’s upcoming debut. Yes, this is blatant promotion of a friend, but DAMN IT HER BOOK IS GOOD.

The Agent Story Part 1 and Part 2: Hannah Moskowitz explains how she is on her third agent. Good info for writers curious about the ups and downs of being agented. (Part 3 coming later this week, I think.)

short video about writing: Justin Kramon talks about his new book, Finny, and writing in general. An interesting author video thing, a different take on a book trailer-type-thing. Thingy thing.

Native Americans in Urban Fantasy: a handy list from Polenth’s Quill.

Stalkers Rejoice: the moral of this story from Ms. Taken Blog (what? don’t judge me) is that if you stalk a football player, he’ll eventually marry you.

Would anyone be interested in a weekly round-up of stuff like this? Probably mostly writing-focused, but with some odd ducks thrown in?


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  1. THAT’s why he’s in my feed lol. I totally couldn’t remember, but you must have mentioned him at some point.

    Glad you enjoyed it, I liked making the list! So I think I’ll make it a weekly/whenever I feel like it feature.

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