Recently I’ve seen like 5 other blogs with the same theme as mine,  and while I had no illusions about being the onlyest wordpress blog with that theme (and while I love all you copycats dearly), I decided to switch to something that, even if it were popular, would be less distinct and noticeable of a design.

That sentence right there is Clause City, yo.

So yeah, new theme. Black, oooo. I might tinker a bit (I can add a header?) but yeah. For now.

Also it’s been like what, 3 weeks?




EDIT: I’ve already discovered something funky with this theme. HM.


2 thoughts on “ooOOooOOoo

  1. You were kind of the tipping point, lol. But seriously, like 5 in the past week. I mean I know Koi’s pretty but does EVERYONE have to agree with me??

    I like my new theme. I can put Doctor Who in the header, and that’s always a good day.

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