link madness 9/2/10

Okay! So I’ve decided to make a link collection extravaganza a weekly event here at Gracetopia. Welcome to the first (and a half) edition of link madness! I’m thinking this will be every Thursday, but who knows, really. My track record isn’t so good.

Without any further ado:

Should a newspaper tell a Web site what it should and should not publish?: The Boston Globe wrote an editorial calling for Craigslist to give up its “adult services” section. Author Dave Copeland’s take.

Empty Space: 40+ Stunning Minimalistic Book Covers: The name really says it all. Pretty cool.

STAR TREK/Casting: This has been making the rounds, but in case you missed it: early casting memo for Star Trek: TNG. Wesley Snipes?

Love Your Blog: This week I discovered a new comic artist, Carole Cable, and I hope she keeps updating her blog (it’s only a couple of months old, in that “will it last or won’t it” era of a blog’s life). I also like this one.

10 Reading Revolutions Before E-Books: Fascinating history of things that revolutionized reading, starting with the coining of the term “reading revolution.” Make sure you check out the picture at the end of the post, because I mean really wtf.

Wookie Hunt: Artist James Hance has created some awesome Han-Chewie-R2-as-AA Milne-characters drawings. This is one of my favorites; you can find the rest here. OOH! And check out Binky the AT-AT. Love it.

How the Media Gets it Wrong: In case you missed the story of Leo Hunter, the 6-year-old with a 23-book publishing deal. Or not.

In A Galaxy, Far Far From Your Face: This week’s entry from If Shoes Could Kill—these were basically made for me, yeah? OMG and last minute update: wtf.

So You Want My Job: Magician: Want to be a magician when you grow up? This blogger interviews a real live magician to give you tips on how to do it!

Tune in next week for more fun!

Also, feedback would be helpful as I move forward: favorite links? something you want to see more of? is all of this totally useless to you? Let me know in the comments. Gracetopia is here to serve YOU.