how to do star wars the right way

As I may have mentioned before, every so often I have to watch all three Star Wars movies and drink. This year I decided to turn it into an event: StarWarsFest2010! I invited a bunch of friends, made a bunch of drinks, and ordered a bunch of pizza. It was pretty fantastic.

Do you want to hold your OWN  StarWarsFest? Awesome! To help you get started, I give you an easy-reference list of…

Gracetopia-approved Star Wars Drinks
(a few of these I found on the internet, the rest my friends and I—mostly my friends, who are cleverer than I—made up or adapted from existing drinks)

equal parts: Amaretto, Southern Comfort, Sprite, sweet-and-sour mix

equal parts: vodka, Midori, Southern Comfort
drizzle of : grenadine

THE ADMIRAL ACKBAR (it’s a trap!)
equal parts: Southern Comfort, Amaretto, Triple Sec, vodka, tequila, sloe gin
fill with: orange juice

equal parts: Peach Schnapps, Captain Morgan
orange juice to taste

equal parts: Blue Caracao, Amaretto, Malibu coconut liqueur
double part: milk

THE GREEDO (drink when Han shoots first)
1 shot: half Midori, half vodka

THE DARTH VADER (drink when he announces Luke’s lineage)
1 shot: half Jagermeister, half black rum

THE DEATH STAR (drink when the Emperor lands on the Death Star)
1 host: half blue caracao, quarter Jagermeister, quarter Southern Comfort

The way we did it last night, each move had its own drink and shot (The Star Wars = New Hope, The Boba Fett = Empire, and The Admiral Ackbar = Jedi, with Blue Milk and The Fuzzy Ewok as alternates; the shots are obvious), but you can mix it up however you want.


I don’t hold to any specific drinking game (frankly, I think the “Official Star Wars Drinking Games” that you can find on the internet are kind of dumb); I like the “drink whenever something cool happens” tactic. There is only one time in the entire trilogy when everyone watching Star Wars in my house must drink:

As those of you who have seen Princess Bride will know, when Boba Fett says to Vader in the 2nd movie, “As you wish,” he is really saying, “I love you.” SO when Fett says “As you wish,” everyone has to hold up their glasses, shout “aaaaas yoooou wiiiish” the way Wesley does when he’s rolling down the hill, and drink.

If you haven’t seen Princess Bride this won’t make sense, but trust me, it’s brilliant. (Also, why haven’t you seen Princess Bride?)

So there you have it! The basics for your OWN StarWarsFest. May the force be with you.



6 thoughts on “how to do star wars the right way

  1. Mmmmm… I like the sound of the Blue Milk and the Darth Vader. May have to try those out…

    I so love Princess Bride. Once, when I was unemployed and lived at my parents’ house, I played it constantly for a week. I mean, literally constantly. I’d wake up, put it in the vcr (I’m so old), play it. Rewind, replay, rewind, replay and so on until I went to bed. Granted- I did other things, but it was constantly on.

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