link madness: 9/9/10

Time for another edition of link madness! I’ve noticed there is one lonely post between this and the previous link madness, so I’m going to make this a short one and I promise to post something more interesting soon. When I have free time. (*laughs tiredly, eyes half-crazy*)

Globe Genie: The Globe Genie will take you anywhere in the world with the click of a mouse. Where? Who knows!

The query that hooked my agent: author Tawna Feske (and her agent, Michelle Wolfson) discuss why it was THIS query that got Tawna representation.

Why book signings are becoming such a performance: From BBC News, on the differences in books signings if you’re Tony Blair or someone actually fun. I mean, less popular.

The reviewer-revenge fantasy: A Rolling Stone reviewer apologizes—some 30 years later—for a scathing review that basically cut a young band’s legs out from under it. The musician receiving the apology writes back, and he’s having none of it.


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