where am I?

Well, at this exact moment I am sitting on my bed with one foot in my suitcase and one in a pile of laundry. But if you’re reading this tonight or tomorrow or the next day I am in Dallas, TX.

Being in Dallas, TX, goes against all of my principles and my moral upbringing, and I am only journeying there because my job seems to think it is necessary.

My job thinks it’s necessary for me to go a lot of places in the next month, which is going to be exciting but tiring. Don’t expect to hear too much from me, and for what you do hear to be along the lines of “zomg tiiiiired.”

So, I’m in the process of cleaning all the things and packing all the things and trying to figure out how to take my hair gel since I’m not checking luggage (the container is sort of clear, but it’s a 5oz thing… but there’s really not more than 2oz left… should I risk it?).

Also, has it really been nine years? God.


2 thoughts on “where am I?

  1. Be sure and buy yourself a nice Stars jersey while there.I would buy you a beer and a steak in honor of your arrival here in The Lone Star State except my home is six hours to the north of the big D.

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