Happy Birthday Gracetopia!

Well, happy birthday gracetopia version 2.0, at least. But anyway, you’re two years old, baby! How does that feel??

On October 14, 2008, I started Gracetopia 2.0 with this post. A stunner, let me tell you. At least it was only uphill from there. (OK, the following post was about Paris Hilton. There were growing pains.)

So I thought it’d be fun to go through some 2-year anniversary stats. First, here are the top 5 most popular posts I’ve ever done here at Gracetopia:

5. Book Review: The Mysterious Benedict Society. This is the first book review I ever did here and it remains my favorite because I feel like I actually thought critically about the book and said something *gasp* interesting.

4. Stargirl Update. Remember her? The girl who had 56 stars tattooed on her face? This is Part II of my Stargirl series, and since Part I is up at #2, I think we can safely say that Stargirl has done more for my blog than anyone else.

3. Gay Smackdown. Oh, if only this had happened. Neil Patrick Harris and John Barrowman were duking it out for “Gay Man of the Decade” and I had an original and profitable idea for making the decision. If only someone had listened.

2. Stargirl. The original Stargirl post. I’m pretty snarky in this one. (As opposed to all the rest of the time, when I’m not snarky at all…)

1. Tracy Chapman. This one surprises me, especially because not only am I horrible at music reviews, I spent most of this review bitching about my fellow concert-goers. Hmmm.

The top 5 search terms that have brought people to Gracetopia:

5. “I sell the dead

4. “shane macgowan” (yesssss)

3. “jack harkness”

2. “the red queen”

1. “tracy chapman” (again on top! I feel like I should improve my tracy chapman-related news)

I am pleased with all of those.

Aaaaand of course some of the more entertaining search terms that have brought people to Gracetopia. I feel like my stat counter has lost some, I swear I remember seeing something about caterpillars once. Anyway:

“gay men without clothes”

“big blue penis movie movie” (yep, movie movie)

“blue glowing shocks”

“sideways nose”

“venn diagram shoe color”

“why is there a penis in the movie”

…always a good question, my friend.

So there are some birthday stats brought to you by the friendly elves at Gracetopia. Thanks for hanging out with me these past two years! I really appreciate it and I love each and everyone of you. Except for that one guy.


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