link madness 10/14/10

Ooookay. Been awhile so lots of links to round up (some of these, you will notice, are from September…). I am obviously going to skip most of the stuff that has happened since last we met, otherwise we’d be here all week, but here are some of the highlights:

A Writer’s Life: Quick, cute cartoon. Someone strongly resembling Santa Claus tries to write a novel. Or a short story. Or something.

I Will Be Your Friend, But I Will Not Be Your Fan: A Rant About How Authors Use Social Media for Self-Promotion: A guest post over at Shrinking Violet Promotions regarding the use and abuse of social media by people who want you to buy their books. Interesting article, and some interesting comments, too.

The Shrinking Violet Online Persona Workshop: Week One: Again from Shrinking Violet. If you’re kind of a wallflower and don’t really know what to do with yourself out here in the great big internet, they’re doing a series just for you!

Some half-formed thoughts on ink: Martha Mihalik muses on tattoos in the digital age.

Offended by Rank Objectification of Writers: Nitsuh Abebe takes a list of Top 20 reasons to date a writer and responds to the dumb ones. Obviously “Writers are sexy” gets a pass.

The Hunt: Andrea Cremer’s Nightshade hits stores next week. You should pick it up, and enter this contest!

Friday Funnies Comic Style: Batman, he doesn’t like chocolate. He reeeally doesn’t like chocolate.


Edited because HELLO it’s October not September.