not a theater review

Last night I went and saw the A.R.T.‘s production of Cabaret, starring everyone’s favorite punk-cabaret goddess Amanda Palmer as the Emcee.

It was a gorgeous show. Fucking gorgeous. So well styled and put together and beautiful and nghh. And you felt like you were actually in the Kit Kat club. The Kit Kat boys and girls were all over and in and around the audience, making asides, dancing, flirting, laughing. I got to wear one of their hats for a while. It was pretty much fantastic. They were pretty much fantastic.

Aside: I desire every pair of shoes in that picture.

I have some quibbles about some of the directorial choices and some of the performances, but eh. I’m not in the mood, and the show’s almost over/sold out so it doesn’t really matter what I say. Overall it was excellent and I highly recommend it if you can get your hands on a ticket. Palmer usually pipes up on twitter if something comes available.

The one thing I’ll say is the thing that was said to me by multiple people before I went to the show and turned out to be totally true. Basically, a lot of people are going to this show because of Amanda Palmer.* And the consensus is that Amanda Palmer is fantastic, but the rest of the show is even better. Which, yeah. So true. I wish she’d sung more in her own range and not gone deeper for most of the songs, but so true. AFP was fantastic but wasn’t actually the best part of the show. So. If that tells you anything. I’ll let that be my review.

One final picture. Here is AFP looking amazing.

*Frankly, much as I love Palmer, I’m mostly glad she was in this show because I don’t know that I would have heard of it otherwise and Cabaret is one of my favorite ever musicals. And, you know, she chose the show and stuff. So. Thanks AFP!