when nobody cares if you’re in or you’re out

I sit here watching Part 1 of the season finale of Project Runway, and I am musing on the thought that hit me during last week’s episode… am I over Project Runway?

I have been a pretty intense fan of this show for a very long time. It’s the only show I watch religiously when it is on-air. Thursday nights are Don’t Bother Grace nights. I own 3 seasons (Christian, Jeffrey, and Santino). I’ve loved this show and I’ve invested a lot of time and money into it.

But this season? Frankly? Snoozeville. Not enough of making clothes out of stuff; too much making clothes out of cloth. Nobody was particularly interesting. I enjoyed hating Gretchen for a while, but eh. Even that got boring. Nobody I really care about—I mean, I like Mondo best and he’d better fucking win because he’s the only one even slightly interesting as a person or designer, but it took me quite a number of episodes to come around. There was no Christian or Suede or Santino, nobody that immediately jumped out as someone I wanted to watch, whether to love or hate.

Last season was kind of dull but I adored Seth Aaron enough to carry me through. This season was worse. There’s too much pattern, too much repeating of past challenges. Here we have the, “make clothes out of old ugly clothes” challenge. And here is the “making clothes for real-size women/girls” challenge. And now I guess we’re going to have the “design-your-own-fabric” challenge each time. It’s not fun anymore. And the people are all hugely boring.

Okay, watching Tim hang out with the catfish is kind of entertaining.

Anyway, yeah, the people are all just boring. The producers are trying to make drama out of nothing. I just don’t care.

After last season, this was kind of my “one more chance” season. And Project Runway has pretty much blown it. Next season—they’re getting one episode out of me. I either need to be wowed, or… it might be over.

(But not for you, Tim Gunn. I will always have a place in my heart for you.)


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