Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Food, family, friends, and all without the stress of gift-giving (yo Christmas, what up). But I usually take very little time to actually be thankful for anything, so here’s a brief rundown in no particular order.

1. Friends who come over for Thanksgiving and bring good eats and the Last Airbender. (The series, not movie. I’m now addicted.)

2. Having a solid, steady job. I can’t even express how thankful I am for this, that given the economy of the past few years I’ve been employed. And at a good place. I’m so lucky.

3. The Wash to my Zoe. Love him.

4. My warm and cozy apartment, now complete with Christmas tree. This year’s Christmas tree topping is the kitty Santa hat that was on my cat for about 2 seconds (right before she went for my throat).

5. My friends and family, who love me and support me in my weirdness and my writing.

And now, Christmas! Hi ho hi ho.