NaNo, one month later

So. It’s December 1st, and National Novel Writing Month is officially over. You may recall my “beginning of NaNo” post, the highlight of which is probably this bit:

So. I’m giving myself one more month. My goal for November has nothing to do with wordcount and everything to do with finishing. I am going to attach myself to the momentum of NaNo and finish. this. novel.

Or I’m putting it away.

A goal bundled up with a threat. So, how’d I do?

Well. I didn’t finish.

But. And hear me out here. I got over the tipping point. I’m currently at 58,600+ words, but more importantly I feel like I’ve gotten past the point of no return. I’ve gone from hoping I will finish this novel to actually thinking it will happen. I can see the end. I can hear it, smell it, almost touch it. I am so close.

So I’m extending my deadline. (…in which Grace shocks the internet….) I’m now giving myself til Saturday, which doesn’t seem like a large amount of time but I actually think I can get a lot done if I apply myself.

What is more likely is that come Saturday I will give extend my deadline further to next Thursday, which is when I return from a conference. Lonely hotel rooms are good for writing—you can only watch so much Law and Order.

So basically what I’m saying is that I want to have a finished draft one week from today. AND. More importantly. I think maybe I will.

Fingers crossed, guys! Here I go!

ADDENDUM: Please note how I thought yesterday was Thursday. Long week LOL.


2 thoughts on “NaNo, one month later

  1. Congrats on getting this far, Grace! All good goals come with a threat. I give you until the end of the year to finish or else. Good luck!

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