update on 2010 goals and resolutions

Last year I wrote the obligatory “goals for the new year” post, so. Let’s see how I did! I haven’t actually looked at these since last January so I’m expecting a big pile of failsauce.

Finish my WIP. Not any WIP. This one. BY. The one that I’ll have been working on 2 years in March. I am going to fucking finish this thing or die trying.

Lolzers. Still working on it. BUT I AM SO CLOSE GUYS REALLY SO CLOSE.

Write a query letter for BY. Even if it’s not query-worthy by the end of the year, I’m going to write a letter. If BY is query-worthy, then I will add onto this goal “mailing the query letter,” but we will cross that bridge when it gets to us.

Hmmm yeah. Forgot about this one.

Write and submit a short story. Not even get it published. I aim small. Just submit. Also, I am horrible at short stories. Ugh.

Nope! Didn’t even start writing a short story.

Lose 20 lbs. I am tired of people suggesting I go on or assuming I already am on a diet. Fuck you all. I’ll lose 20 lbs.

Well, I joined a gym. That’s a start, right? I think my problem is I just don’t care enough about losing weight to actually put the effort into doing it. And I’d rather eat a mound of pasta and be happy than eat a bowl of lettuce and be cranky. I’m all about being happy. We’ll see if I include this in 2011’s goals…

Eat better. (This is not necessarily related to the previous goal.) I’ve starting eating out/prepared food SO MUCH because I am SO LAZY—but NO LONGER. You can tell I’ll stick to this goal because of all the caps.

I alternate here. Some weeks I’m like NOM NOM NOM FROZEN PIZZA AND TWIZZLERS and some weeks I actually make almost every meal I eat. I’ve started eating better when I go out, too, less meat-and-potatoes and more palak paneer. So I’m going to call this a draw.

Write at least 500 words per day. I was going to make this 1000, but I know I’ll fail if I do that. So. 500. That’s easy, right?


Hmmm, once again I’ve failed at all my New Year’s Resolutions. Insert shocked face. Do we think 2011 will be any better? New goals coming soon. (to a theater near you.)


6 thoughts on “update on 2010 goals and resolutions

  1. I would venture to say you didn’t fail every goal, but rather you made efforts in the goals that were worth your time and realized some of them just weren’t that important to you. You prioritized your efforts and came out of 2010 a stronger more self aware person. Also a hawt one. Not that you weren’t before – you emerge the same way you came into the year. Hawt.

  2. If it makes you feel better, I owe the Bush administration $50 for failing to do an hour of housework a day. I did read 56 books so far (still a few days left!!) so I made that resolution happen. Those were my only two.

    My resolution this year is to read x amount of books. Maybe x amount of pages instead. I read 56 books this year, but a ton of stuff from school I didn’t count because it was just short stories or whatever. Plus, I read a lot of “doorstops” this year. So I dunno. Not perfect, but it keeps me motivated!

    My resolution this year is to play less Warcraft hahaha

  3. awww Adam you made me feel so much better about myself. thanks! :)

    I’m impressed by your book-reading, Belynda. I think that’s going to be on my list of goals for 2011, something about reading. I will ignore the part about money going to Bush, k.

  4. I agree that you didn’t fail. “Eat better” is definitely a win — sure, you don’t eat perfect (who does?), but you improved. and that was the goal.

    And you didn’t finish the WIP, but you did a LOT more work on it than you had done in the previous six months or so.

    And not only did you join a gym, you actually went a few times! Which is good for your overall health, regardless of what happens with those 20 lbs.

    I think overall this year was more a success than a fail for you. You demonstrated that making concrete goals and putting them in writing really does motivate you to make positive changes in your life.

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