time for some new goals fuck yeah

Okay! Having failed spectacularly at my 2010 goals, what should I plan to fail at spectacularly in 2011?

No wait, that’s the wrong attitude.

Moving on.

1. Read 52 novels. I’ve been keeping track of the books I’ve been reading this year, and I feel incredibly unaccomplished. (So far I’m up to 32, and half of them are graphic novels/comics compilations which… only sorta count, barely.) So. 52 novels. I will keep a separate list of any comic-format books I read, and if the numbers are looking tight come December maybe I’ll start counting things like Watchmen.

2. Write at least six book reviews for Gracetopia. While putting together another post I realized I’ve only written one book review this year. ONE. wtf. I was thinking I’d make myself write one monthly, but that sounds hard so I’m aiming for six.

3. EITHER finish BY and sub it to agents OR trunk BY. I’m only giving myself til June 30 for this one.

4. Finish the first draft of a TOTALLY DIFFERENT book. I have a few percolating, so this will mean taking one of those beginnings and running with it.

5. Go to the gym twice a week (aiming small here, hopefully will go more). Exceptions are allowed when I am on vacation/traveling for work/sick. Goal is canceled if I decide not to renew my gym membership in August. (I’m going to keep track of the months that I meet this goal, so that if I screw up in say February I can still have an 11/12 record and haven’t totally failed the year.)

6. Live like the bombshell I really am.

7. Bonus secret goal having to do with finances that is really none of your business, internet. Mwah mwah.

So there we have it!

Bring it, 2011. I am so ready.


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