new favorite website

That’s Why I Dumped You is a brand-spanking new website where people can write in about—wait for it—why they dumped their S.O.s. It’s hilarious, and sometimes painful. The site still in that brand-new stage where a lot of Shiny New Idea websites sometimes still disappear (see my short-lived Glam Book Shots). I am so so hoping this sticks around because omg the lulz.

Following are some of my faves, in no particular order:

Because you didn’t consider it cheating because she was a lesbian.

Because you threw out cold pizza. Because you don’t eat cold pizza. Because, what the hell is the matter with you?

You got mad at me for not watching you sleep. Why would I watch you sleep?

Your inability to invite your sister for three-way disappointed me.

Okay, I’m done. Go explore yourself if you like. Beware some of them are crude/rude. (What? I’m shocked, internet, truly shocked.)