one week in and going strong

I love how the day after Gym Day I can still feel my muscles—it’s not that they hurt, particularly, they’re just like ahhhh we got a work out yesterday yeah.

Other things I like about going to the gym:

  • My gym has individual TVs, so I get to watch part of an episode of Law and Order (usually) without feeling like a lazy bum sitting on my couch.
  • Going to the gym after work gives me a lot of energy at the time of day when I’m usually crashing.
  • I get to think about the ice cream I’m having for after dinner without feeling guilty.
  • Seeing my weights go up or my cardio time increase gives me that FUCK YEAH I ROCK feeling all over.

And that’s not even counting all the “generally more healthy” side effects.

Posting this as a reminder for when I start whining about the gym next week. :) What about you guys, any inspirational reminders for when our enthusiasm for our New Year’s goals runs out? :)


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