I Could Care Less

So the infamous Kidbro was crashing with me recently, and I got corrected three times—three—about my use of the phrase, “I could care less.”

Which, let’s face it, is wrong.

As I’m sure you all know, what I should be saying is: “I couldn’t care less.” This is one of those common mistakes that shows up in lists of common mistakes, along with such gems as “irregardless” and “all of the sudden.”

Now, I know this is wrong. And as a good English major/Grammar Nazi, I should be all up in arms about such a misuse of the English language. But…

I think it sounds better wrong?

I dunno. It just rolls off the tongue better. The words feel more like what they mean. I made up some bullshit for Kidbro about how really “I could care less” IS what I mean, sort of, in a roundabout way: “I could care less, but that would mean caring at all, which I so absolutely don’t.” Or something. But yeah, it was total BS.

So I know it’s wrong, but I do it anyway. Maybe I am actually a descriptivist instead of a prescriptivist. I am so not sure how I feel about this.

What about you? Is there anything you know you do “wrong” but it doesn’t matter? My other big one is “hopefully,” which, yeah. I know but it sounds better.

Just don’t come near me with your “irregardless” or I will end you.


7 thoughts on “I Could Care Less

  1. I use lunch and dinner incorrectly, and am called out on that frequently. I know it isn’t the same thing, but all I’m saying is that if you put a plate of food in front of my fat ass, I’ll eat it…

  2. Well, irregardless of what’s correct or incorrect, I think I need to reorientate my thinking…

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