writing goals: February


This was buried at the bottom of a previous post, but it’s kinda big news. (In Gracetopia. Not like, “Cure Found for Cancer” big news, but like “What is Up with Grace” big news.)

The Project That Was Eating my Soul (referred to here as “BY”) has been officially shelved.

And I feel great.

I feel… free. I feel like I’ve been weighing myself down for the past year or so trying to make every word I write The Perfect Word so as not to waste three years of work. But that’s gone. There was a brief mourning process, but now? Now writing is a joy again instead of a task.

Because I am writing. In the past 48 hours I’ve written 7000 words in a new project. Yes, this is the Shiny New Idea (SNI) phase, but I’m hoping to keep up this momentum long enough that I get through the first draft without getting to the overthinking phase. (ie, I’m doing NaNo in February. Shorting myself 2 days. Sigh.) I mean, I’m not going to write 3500 words a day (wow just the idea is tiring) but I want to keep pushing forward.

Forward forward forward.

But back to BY for a minute. This manuscript isn’t entirely shelved. Which brings me to my writing goals for February, because I have 2 writing goals this month:

1. Work on BY for one hour a week (at least). I refuse to give up on this story entirely, but I refuse to let it own me. I’m now going to treat it as a purely academic writing exercise, working on the process of finishing something. It’s going to be sketchy, some sections might just be “then this happens and then this and this and okay next chapter.” Basically my goal for BY now is to get it “finished” enough that I could hand it to a beta reader and they’d have a complete story that made at least some sense. (I wouldn’t actually do that to someone.)

2. Work on Shiny New Idea for one hour a day (at least). This project’s code name is M!S! And I’m going to write it. YEAH.

Watch me go. vroooom.

Post edited on 2/4 to remove one errant apostrophe. Yes. I’m that person.


4 thoughts on “writing goals: February

  1. I’m your man if you ever want someone to read your work! I’m perfect if you would want feedback from a non writer who you don’t know (other than from the internets). No compensation would be necessary other than personalized autographs on your published works. Just saying…

  2. aw, thanks random brandon from the internets! :) I may take you up on that at some point, having an “outside-my-writing-group-perspective” would be useful.

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