calling it 2/14 makes it less intimidating

I don’t get Valentine’s Day.

I don’t get the super-hyped-up Hallmark aspect, or the “omg we’re so in love” aspect, or even (especially?) the vitriolic “I’m single and I hate Valentine’s Day” aspect.

Part of this might be because someone in my immediate family has a birthday today—I’m used to February 14th being BIRTHDAY CAKE AND PRESENTS day rather than ROSES AND ROMANCE day. It’s just never really been on my radar.

But I think the main reason I don’t get it is because it seems to be the only holiday you can “win.”

“My boyfriend got me roses!”

“That’s cool! My boyfriend got me roses and made dinner reservations at the new French Bistro.”

“Fuck you both, I’m still single.”

It’s obvious who in this fake conversation “wins” Valentine’s Day and who “loses.” And the thing about 2/14 is that it’s always obvious. Maybe someone can win Christmas, but it’s a much fuzzier set of rules; every family has different standards and traditions. Nobody can win the Fourth of July. But for 2/14 there seem to be set standards defining who wins and who loses, and it just seems to make everyone cranky. Advertising and the media make it even worse:

Relationship people! Here are things you can do to win! Spend money!

Single people! Here are ways to get someone before the 14th! Don’t let your friends win!

Lame single people! Here are ways to be less lame and take back the day! You won’t suck quite as much!

And man I feel sorry for the boyfriends who know this day is important but don’t know what they’re supposed to do to win.

So yeah. I don’t really do Valentine’s Day, either mushy romance or “grr I hate everything.” But I did wear some special Valentine’s Day accessories.

Anyway. I hope you all have a great day regardless or whether you win or lose or care at all, and let me know in the comments if you agree with me on this or think I’m full of shit! :)

(hint: I am never full of shit.)


5 thoughts on “calling it 2/14 makes it less intimidating

  1. So, I think you hit the nail on the head. We get this one shoved down on throats, and unlike Christmas (which is all family togetherness), it seems for a specific group of people. That said, I do not necessarily hate Valentine’s, I just simply dislike it. If I have a girlfriend, I’ll usually do something overly sappy because the girls I date are awesome and find it kind of funny, and if I’m single (like this year) I’ll find single peeps and get drunk (like this year).

    That said, I love February 15: Clearance Chocolate Day. Let’s face it, regardless of your feelings on VD, everyone has to agree that CCD rules.

  2. I used to hate on Valentines day, back in the days where I took my being single as a slight against my character. I was all sad and emo and trying to find validation for my existence in someone I found romantically appealing being willing to hang out, and, god forbid, schtupp me from time to time.

    These days I tend to just ignore it. I’m single. It’s not a holiday for me. So to me it’s just something that happens and people who enjoy it are welcome to.

    If and when I find myself entangled with someone who would enjoy getting a dozen roses and a nice dinner out on the town, then I’ll be down for that. I feel like you should show the person you love how important they are to you every day, so V-day is just another chance to do that. :-)

  3. Hubs and I are both not fans of the V-Day thing, yet every year we get each other something “just in case”. I think I won this year, because for once I got him a card and he totally ignored the holiday. So far anyway (I’m gonna kill him if I go home and he ran out to get me something).

    In my defense, the card was so cute that I would have gotten it for him anyway. Like, so cute he started laughing before he even opened it.

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