Coming soon to Gracetopia: Disneyworld!

The BF and I are heading to Disneyworld soon. It will be my first time ever! I am pretty much excited.

Except, I wish I’d known about the whole Star Wars thing sooner. They have a new (or revamped?) Star Tours exhibit opening in late May, and they do Star Wars weekends—but we’re missing it all by just a few weeks. Dear Grace: research your vacations better before booking. OH WELL we are not letting that bother us. There will be plenty to do.

Although apparently I have to go on rides. What? Can’t I just wander around and look at robotic dinosaurs? Yeesh.

But anyway. That’s what I’m doing in a couple of weeks. Does anyone have any special tips for superfun and/or secret things at Disneyworld? (WordVixen, I’m looking at you.)


6 thoughts on “Coming soon to Gracetopia: Disneyworld!

  1. We went a few years ago and one thing I thought was kinda cool was if you ride the monorail, you can ride in the operator’s cab while they drive. If you stand at the end where the operator will be and ask the attendant when it pulls up to ride in front with the operator they’ll let you up front.

  2. Either of you have an iPhone? Friends who go every year mentioned an app that can give you info on how long the lines are at each ride so you can plan around it. It sounds like about the geekiest way to go to DisneyWorld ever conceived.

  3. Oh yes! Laura’s right- there’s an app for that. (couldn’t resist). Not just on iPhone though- it’s Disney Mobile Magic. Veeeery nice app. Something like $2. Works on most phones, but not all. And if you can’t get the app on your phone, go to It’s not quite as comprehensive, but still useful (park hours, “see now” “moderate wait” “high wait times”, restaurant descriptions).

    It’s funny, this is the one year that hubs and I are skipping, and it’s the year that all of my friends are going!

  4. Oh, oh, oh! And, you HAVE to go to Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe (border between Fantasyland and Tomorrowland). They have Sonny Eclipse, the lounge lizard.

    He’s from Yew Nork. You know why the Earth reminds him of his mother in law? It’s blue, green, and round all over! You have to sit pretty close to hear him over the feeding child things, though. Good burgers, wraps, soups, and such.

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