Disney World Report, Part 1

So I wrote a “Ciao off to Disney World!” post but uh obviously forgot to post it. So. Hey I’m back! With pictures! Look, there I am in front of Cinderella’s Castle!

Basically, I had a blast. I wasn’t really sure what to expect from Disney World—I knew there were rides, and Disney characters, and fireworks, and… stuff? but yeah. Didn’t really understand what I was getting into. And it’s a hard place to describe to someone who’s never been, because it will sound chintzy or dopey or ridiculous. But then once you’re there… there really just isn’t any place like it. Which, if you hate it, is good because that makes it really easy to avoid. And if you love it then it’s, well, magical.

Sorry, I have the post-vacation blabbers. Let’s try this again.

Disney World! Yeah!

First off, I need to brag that on the Buzz Lightyear ride I went from a paltry 20,000-ish points on the first day to 330,000-ish on the last night which makes me a SPACE ACE. Hells yeah.

But yeah, I didn’t quite understand going in what exactly I was getting into, and frankly I think that’s kind of the best way to do it. It makes it even more wondrous. If someone tries to explain Main Street in the Magic Kingdom, or the magical electrical parade, or the Pirates of the Carribean ride or Maelstrom, it just doesn’t work. How do you explain Peter Pan and do it justice? You just can’t.

And I love that only about half the rides are traditional rides like roller coasters or spinning teacups (LOVE) and then half of them are just you in a thing looking at stuff. Does that sound cool? Not particularly. Is it cool? YES. And even the traditional roller coasters aren’t traditional. They’re themed, they tell stories. They’re magic.

Oh man the brainwashing got me.

There is just so much to do and see and experience. Yes it’s expensive but it is totally worth it, especially when you consider that most days you can be in a park for 10-12 hours. Do you have any idea how many aliens you and Buzz Lightyear can shoot in 10-12 hours? A LOT, let me tell you.

So. Yeah! I guess that’s the immediately-post-vacation thought rumblings. Pardon any incoherence, I’m a bit short on sleep. To recap: it was fantastic, and now I am tan. Lalalala.

I think I’m going to have to make a top-ten rides list, though. Stay tuned.

Preview? One word: DINOSAUR!


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