Project Runway redux

Yes yes, I know what I said about Project Runway.

I said I was bored. I said I thought I was over it. I said I would give them one more chance but I would have to be blown. away. in order to keep watching.


Tim and Heidi did it. They got me back.

Starting with the “Road to the Runway” special, where we saw them narrow it down to the 20 semi-finalists, I was hooked by the people. There are some dramatic personalities up in here. And a lot of them make some pretty awesome clothes.

And of course I have some favorites…

  • Becky Ross—I love her “rock ‘n’ roll pin-up” style, like, LOVE (though I wasn’t actually as impressed with her look in the first challenge)
  • Bryce Black—chic and fabulous at the same time
  • Anthony Ryan Auld—love his quirky style and his attitude

And of course I can already tell a few who are going to annoy me…

  • Cecilia has, um, a bit too much personality for me…
  • Danielle and her feminist see-through clothes and her super sweet attitude are going to get on every one of my nerves, I can tell already
  • and Anya is just too… good. like, how dare she learn how to sew four months ago?

I’m sorry David Chum was the first one out and didn’t make it past the semi-finals, I loved his coats and he’s a local Boston boy. :-(

But yeah, so. They’ve got me. I’m a little concerned because they opened with a twist on an old challenge—but at least it was a twist.

So. I’ll play your game, Heidi Klum. For now.


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