comics digest, 8/16/11 edition

And here we have the 2nd Gracetopia Comics Digest. My internet freaked out on me, so I’m way late, but I promise this is going to be more “weekly” in future.

I’ve made a few changes from last time, but this is still a new and malleable creature, so feel free to let me know what works and what doesn’t!

This week we’ll have my favorite comic of the week, a black/Hispanic Spider-Man, and some Flash (including the best Flash costume ever).

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My favorite comic this week, hands down, is the Retroactive 1980s Flash. Yes, this came out a couple of weeks ago, but I didn’t read it til this weekend so it totally counts.

So. Not news to anyone, but I love me some Wally West. I even made up my own theme song for him. (“Wally! Wally West! Wally West, he is the best!”) (I know, I’m an undiscovered talent.) So anyway, I’m always really excited to read a Wally story, and this one was… well, perfect. Exactly the kind of story I love. Ridiculous, charming, and slightly scary.

Basically, a young woman has decided that she and Wally are dating (I would know nothing about what this is like) and ends up going a little bit crazy. Very crazy. She takes on pretty much everyone in the Rogues Gallery to try to get Wally’s attention, making a huge mess out of Central City in the process. And the ending is just fantastic. Really a fun read from beginning to end.

I highly recommend picking this up. If you can’t find it, I accidentally bought two, I can send you one. :/ (Note to self: don’t buy next week’s comics until you’ve read this week’s comics.)

Best line: “Uhhh, guys, you can’t outrun me. I am the fastest man alive.”


The big Marvel news this month was the introduction of the new Ultimate Spider-Man, a Hispanic/black teenager named Miles Morales.

Now don’t worry. Peter Parker still exists. Miles is just replacing Peter in the Ultimate line of comics, which is a different universe. Or something.

Yeah, I still don’t understand comics sometimes.

Anyway. Minority Spider-Man! Yeah!

However, this announcement led to a lot of disgusting behavior on the internet, starting with random anonymous commenters on USA Today and ending with one of comics’ own. People made inappropriate jokes, people lashed out at the idea of OH GOD A BLACK MAN IN A MASK. And not just any mask, but that of one of the head honchos of Marveldom. If Spider-Man’s job isn’t safe from affirmative action, whose is??

And I’m just, like… first of all this isn’t even “real” Spider-Man. It’s Ultimate. Peter is still safely over there in the main line. Everyone chill, our Great White Hero is still intact.

Second of all, welcome to the 21st century. I hate to break it to you, but African-Americans and Hispanic people can vote, too. I KNOW, RIGHT? So calm down, get your head out of your ass, and go read one of the dozens/hundreds of white male superheroes available if you really can’t stomach things that are new and different.

I mean, really. The fact that people are so upset about this just boggles the mind. Really it does.


I’ve been trying to get through all 52 DCnU covers before JUSTICE LEAGUE #1 hits the stands in two weeks, but I’m running behind. Here’s what I’ve done so far, I’ll try to get another post up this week.

#1: Hawk and Dove, Deathstroke, Catwoman
#2: Birds of Prey, Mr. Terrific, The Flash
#3: Swamp Thing, Green Arrow, Voodoo
#4: Wonder Woman, Grifter, DC Universe Presents
#5: Red Hood and the Outlaws; I, Vampire; Batwing
#6 Justice League, Justice League International, Justice League Dark (scroll down)


A few of the interesting things I’ve seen/read around the web the past few weeks:

  • What is going on at Archie Comics? Either sexual harassment or a smear campaign. Archie’s dirty laundry is kind of ugly…. (via CBR)
  • The problem with “black” Spider-Man. (via 4thletter!)


Because there’s just so much Flash to share.


And that’s all I have for now. What did you think? Too much? Too little? Let me know!