3 hours and counting!

Just wanted to take a moment to wish all my NaNo peeps good luck! I’m not participating this year, but I’ll be bouncing around a few of the Boston-area write-ins; if you’re in my part of the world maybe you’ll see me!

What I will be doing instead of NaNo: finishing this draft, throwing myself a party, and then starting a new book while this one simmers. Haven’t decided what I’m doing next—either taking another stab at BY aka the bane of my existence, or another stab at the book I’m calling Magic!inSpace!, or something entirely new. Not thinking about it yet. Anyway, I’m pretty pleased with what I’m doing (not that it’s good, yanno, but it’s flowing pretty easily). Been a good couple of writing months.

So once again y’all, good luck! Knock those words out! (in a little under 3 hours)


4 thoughts on “3 hours and counting!

  1. Thanks, Grace! This is my first year and as the witching hour approaches, I am becoming overwhelmed with emotion! I mean, 1,667 words a day doesn’t sound like much until I realize how much non-writing stuff I still need to do!
    :-D I’ll be juuuust fine.Thanks so much for the support!


  2. Someday, one of us needs to write Space Ark! Goes To Rabbitania. :-D I’m not doing NaNo, but I’m finally getting some solidness going in my WIP. So, hopefully I can write more than one page every 6 months now.

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