almost there

Through a quirk of circumstance having absolutely nothing to do with NaNo, I find myself around (probably) 10,000 words from finishing the first draft of my current WIP. I’m thinking of just powering through with all my NaNo peeps so that I can celebrate with them in a few days (because I am friends with totally awesome people who kick NaNo’s ass).

This is going to be the first first draft of a thing that I’ve finished in aaaaages (knock on wood). It’s exciting! And… rejuvenating. I can’t wait to move on to the next step and the next story.

But no counting of chickens. The cat is sleeping under the Christmas tree and all the Thanksgiving dishes are finally done, so it’s time to write!


One thought on “almost there

  1. That’s fantastic. I can’t tell you how much you and the others in the NaNo crew helped get me in gear; I’m glad you have managed to draw on that same mad energy to move towards the finish. Finishing, for me, is the hardest thing. Working on it, though.

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