look I made a book sort of

Two posts in one night, whatever whatever.

Because: update on that first draft I finished! Here’s what my novel looks like now (brought to you by the Comedian):

also note that my apartment has CHAIRS now

I’m not doing a lot of hardcore editing yet, but I’ve started going through with sticky notes and a red pen marking the obvious things—the things I noted in my head as “that’s second-draft-Grace’s problem.” The one person who’s beta-ing this rough draft (because really, who wants to read a first draft?) is putting together notes for me, so after that and the requisite simmering time, I’ll get back to work and whip through a second draft.

WHIP, I say. Though really, who knows how long this will take. I’ve never properly revised a novel, so I don’t have any kind of baseline.

So up next in the Grace Writing Saga: revising! Will it be fun? Will it be awful? STAY TUNED.



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