2012 Writing Prompts from Grub Street

The Grub Street creative writing center in Boston is going to be posting a new word prompt to their blog every day in 2012. Each prompt will have something to do with the day it’s posted, and readers are encouraged to submit.

Being a Holmesian nerd, I of course love today’s:

FACT: January 1 (1881) Dr. John H. Watson is introduced to Sherlock Holmes for the first time.

PROMPT: Presenting a scene first indicates its importance to the whole. We are told to begin “in the middle of things” but we take that to mean… and then we have to backtrack. If you have engendered interest with your opening, if there is something at stake and the reader is experiencing dramatic tension, why not just continue from there?

So if you’re having a bad writing day at some point in the next 366, check them out!


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