goodnight, New York

Because we live in the future, I am writing and posting this while on a bus between New York and Boston. We just sat immobile in Connecticut for about 20 minutes, no big deal, but at least the internet never went out.

My weekend lurking at SCBWI was absolutely fantastic. My friends are brilliant and hilarious, and I met a ton of new people and had so many great conversations. I even got a good few hours of work done in the hotel bar. Just a wonderful experience overall.

The biggest thing that happens for me at SCBWI, always, is that I leave so inspired to become part of the industry. This time was no different. I want to go home and finish revising and send out queries, like, this week. (I’m not even halfway done revising. It won’t be this week.) Being around that much creative energy, that many people who love the same things I do, is incredibly inspiring. I can’t speak for the conference, because I have still never attended, but the energy in the air is worth the trip for me.

A few notes on venues for anyone going to New York:

The Wheeltapper Pub, on East 44th between Lexington and 3rd, is a great little bar. The service there both nights was great, and it’s not terribly expensive. Comparable to Boston prices, at least. I love me a good Irish pub, and I highly recommend this one.

But I cannot recommend the Grant Hyatt hotel at all, especially if your plans involve sitting in the bar/restaurant for any length of time (which were, basically, my plans entirely). With the exception of one exemplary waitress, every single staff member interaction in the hotel was unpleasant. The building is okay (although let’s not talk about the giant head statues in the lobby) but the service at the place is dreadful. I’m not particularly hard to please, but I was unimpressed.

However, I wasn’t in New York for housekeepers and waiters to be nice to me, I was there for friends and fun and fabulosity, and I got those in abundance. A great, great weekend—now I just hope I get home sometime this weekend.