just when I was getting comfortable

So there I was, minding my owns, when I heard a scraping noise. Scraping noises in my home can usually be ascribed to the cat, but she happened to be sitting on the chair next to me, so I went to investigate. I found, sticking through my door, a notice from the landlord informing me that if I choose to renew my lease in August, they will be raising my rent by 10%. I have until the end of this month to resign or not.

I think Prince pretty well sums up my reaction:

So now I have to figure out wtf I’m doing. My preference would be to stay here, at the same rent or something close, so I’m going to call the landlord and see if that works out. I’m not hopeful, though, so it’s likely that I’m moving. Again.

And man, I really don’t want to go through the whole apartment-finding process for a second time in a year. But this place isn’t worth the extra 10%. It’s really not.

And I was so happy to move into my own place.


3 thoughts on “just when I was getting comfortable

  1. :( My daughter goes through that a bit where she lives… she can’t afford to move so she just deals with it… Still, it is messed up. There should be some sort of stipulation or something.

    Hope you work it out. :)

  2. Dude. 10% That’s robbery! Around here, rent usually only goes up $10-$20 per month. And, hell, where we live? They haven’t raised our rent in the past 2 years (probably because they know that if they do, we’ll demand that they actually fix the place instead of patching it up ourselves).

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