rainbow madness

Sometimes I am not writing OR watching cartoons OR playing with my cat. I know, you’re all shocked. But SOMETIMES I do other things.

One of these other things is running, which I’ve recently taken up again after clearing up some old-lady knee problems (I hope). Now, at the encouragement of a friend and to give myself a bit more motivation, I am signed up for The Color Run, a 5K that involves people THROWING COLORS AT YOU so that at the end YOU ARE A RAINBOW.

RIGHT??? How amazing is that??

I am pretty excited. Of course, now this means I have to train, or whatever. 5K isn’t too far, right?


4 thoughts on “rainbow madness

  1. The Color Run 5K Twin Cities filled to capacity in about 10 minutes. Now I’m hoping to fly to Charlotte, NC in October to catch it there :)

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