The Boston Comic Con Report

I spent most of this weekend at Boston Comic Com, my first ever con. It was basically amazing. I loved the energy, the costumes, the artists, the EVERYTHING.

me with Booster Gold and Skeets

I didn’t go to any panels (just not in the mood) but I talked to a lot of artists and fans. I love how at a con you don’t need a reason to talk to someone. Like, if you randomly start talking to a stranger on the bus about how he made his shoes, it’s a little weird, but not at a con! Here it’s one big happy family of geekery.

There weren’t tons of people dressed up, but people generally put a lot of effort into their costumes so they were all pretty fabulous. My favorites were when 2 or more people coordinated, and the best of these was the Flash’s Rogues Gallery (like 8 people). I unfortunately didn’t get a picture, but here is one someone else took. OMG IT WAS AMAZING for real.

Another con highlight was the young girl who was sitting in her father’s booth selling drawings of any superhero you liked for only $1—and you got a cup of cereal! Best deal of the con, frankly. I got a rather lovely Storm from her for my sketchbook.

The sketchbook was quite busy this weekend. I snagged a half-dozen sketches including a rather fabulous Cliff Chiang and the Maris Wicks you can see in this photo of my haul…

clockwise from Wonder Woman: signed Francis Manapul print; signed Michael Golden print; original Katie Cook watercolor (Jay Garrick Flash); signed Stephanie Buscema print (Batgirl); pile of $1 comics; original Kitty Pryde and Lockheed by Maris Wicks (among other sketchbook acquisitions); Flashbacca print by Ming Doyle.

One thing you might notice in that photo is that I have two sequential JLAs, 203 and 204. I randomly got 203 for $1 on Saturday because I like the Royal Flush Gang, but realized when I got home that it was Part 1 of a story arc. Sunday, I found 204/Part 2 in the $1 bins of a different vendor. CON MAGIC!

The one thing I really wanted but didn’t get was an original Francis Manapul. I adore his work, the Flash is among my favorite current comics, but the lines at his table were just too intimidating. So, I’m glad he kept busy, but I had to content myself with the quickly signed Wonder Woman print. Not that I’m complaining.

So overall, a fantastic first con experience. I can’t wait til next year!

Me + my fave Boba Fett. My head is really small in this picture for some reason.



4 thoughts on “The Boston Comic Con Report

  1. Glad you had fun! I love comic cons. The only ones I’ve ever been to were New York and a really small local one here in Connecticut.

    You should go to New York Comic Con this year. I went to NYCC 2010 and NYCC 2011. I want to make it to San Diego eventually, but NYCC is pretty awesome.

    1. Maybe NYCC will be my next step into Con magic! I liked that I knew a lot of people at BCC tho, which I assume wouldn’t happen in NYC. :)

      (also, careful with the lovely linkages–just found you in my comment spam folder!)

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