let’s talk about things that suck

You may recall that I’ve been training for this race, my first ever 5K. I have been doing a pretty good job and have been on pace to be able to complete the run (which was really my only goal, I was not trying for a particular time).

Until last night…

I injure myself slightly more frequently than is normal, I think, but never in a fun way that leaves me with a fun story. Last night’s story? I was literally swinging my legs from the floor to the couch when I banged something against something else and there was a POP and my kneecap was pointing the wrong direction.

That’s it. Lifetime movie material right there, no?

It’s an odd, numbing feeling, looking at a piece of your own body that is doing something that your body does not do. I just stared at my kneecap that was pointing off to the left and had fuckall idea what to do about it. Could not think. Luckily my boyfriend was already en route and upon his arrival was able to think for the both of us.

The story ends in as lackluster a fashion as it started. Some nice EMTs came and took me to the ER, and they accidentally popped my knee back into place moving me onto the bed in the hospital. Hurt like a bitch, and then SO MUCH BETTER.

Happy ending, right? Well. I’m glad I’m not horrendously injured, of course, but now I’m in a leg brace (hi leg brace let’s talk about how much I didn’t miss you) and I can’t run in the race I’ve been training for. The doctor seemed to think I would be able to walk it, at least, so I can go support my team. But yeah this is a thing I have been working really hard for and it’s all gone in the space of one POP.

Life, man. Crazytimes.


8 thoughts on “let’s talk about things that suck

    1. It’s just so frustrating. :(

      But yeah, the next race! I’ve got to figure out one far enough in the future that it allows for recovery time and retraining/finishing training time.

  1. Uggh, being injured sucks. I’m sorry you’re hurting. As someone who also gets injured slightly more often than normal, I totally empathize. There will be other (truly awesome!) races next time.

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