StarWarsFest 2012, with official drink list

Every few years I gather up some friends and we eat things and drink things and watch the three original Star Wars movies back-to-back-to-back and there is great merriment. This not-really-annual event is called StarWarsFest, and the 2012 edition occurred last Saturday.

Each party I try to level up slightly over the previous one. Last time, the second StarWarsFest, my friends and I came up with an amazing themed drink list. (Note: that list is slightly inaccurate due to typos; see below for accurate, updated version!) This time we one-upped with better decorations and, most importantly, an R2D2 cake:

With super-duper thanks to my friend who was a cake decorator for 8 years.

The other star of Saturday’s party was the new boy Watson, who was pretty much going insane at the multitude of lap options available to him. Representative image of Watson:

Note: Watson is not actually a prince.

Because I’ll take any excuse to post a cat picture.

Anyway! Without further ado…

The Official StarWarsFest 2012 Drink List
(some of these are from the internet, but
my friends and I created most of them)

equal parts: Amaretto, Southern Comfort, Sprite, sweet-and-sour mix

one shot each: vodka, Midori, Southern Comfort
fill with: Sprite
drizzle of: grenadine

THE ADMIRAL ACKBAR (it’s a trap!)
half shot each: Southern Comfort, Amaretto, Triple Sec, vodka,
gold tequila, sloe gin
fill with: orange juice

one shot each: Peach Schnapps, Captain Morgan
+ orange juice to taste

equal parts: Blue Caracao, Amaretto, Malibu coconut liqueur
double part: milk

shots to be taken at particular points in the films (spoilers!):

1 shot: half Midori, half vodka
(Episode IV: when Han shoots first)

1 shot: half Blue Caracao, 1/4 Jagermeister, 1/4 Southern Comfort
(Episode IV: when the Death Star explodes)

1 shot: half Jagermeister, half black rum
(Episode V: I am your Father)

THE YODA (new this year!)
1 shot: 1/8 crème de menthe, 1/4 Blue Caracao, 1/3 light rum,
splash of lime juice, top off with club soda
(Episode VI: when Yoda dies)

And I’m already thinking up some fun ideas for next time… can’t wait for round four in 2014!


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