bug life

I am not a girly girl, at least not in the sense that I see bugs and mice and flip out. I’m very cool in the face of creepy-crawlies. However, now that I have a big bad boyfriend I make him deal with any and all bug issues around gracetopia. mainly because he likes to set them free while I would be likely to murder them.

Last night:

I didn’t photograph the bug in my bathroom, but it was about as long as my longer fingers, kind of centipede-y, with antennae twice as long again as its body. I asked the BF if he’d be willing to dispose of it, and he did so (we almost lost Cat Watson in the process), and everyone settled back into our respective evening lounging positions.

Me: “how does a bug that big even get into my apartment? I’m all sealed in.”

BF: “maybe up through the pipes?”


No but really guys, I’m very cool about this sort of thing.

I just won’t be showering for like ten years.