walk, don’t run

This is a story about running that begins with irony and ends with optimism.

I’ve been athletic kind of off-and-on throughout my life, and I’ve also been a runner kind of off-and-on, but this spring after I went through PT to fix my lingering knee problems I had a MOMENT and was all OK LET’S DO THIS. I started a running regimen, I signed up for my first ever 5K (see how that saga ended here), there were noticeable changes to my health and musculature—things were basically awesome.

So I decided to set a goal for myself. One of those crazy goals that a-year-ago-Grace would have laughed at uproariously. I signed up for a half-marathon.

The Disney Princess Half-Marathon, to be precise, next February in Orlando. (Bonus: trip to Disneyworld!) My thinking in July was:

  • this is eight months away, so plenty of training time;
  • it’s a fun, no-pressure, happy-go-lucky kind of half-marathon;
  • I can dress up like a pretty pretty princess; and
  • I can meet Prince Eric!

I even found a nearby 10K appropriately timed for my personal training schedule, to build on the 5K. I was happy and excited.

Three days later, I dislocated my kneecap.

I am not even kidding. Three days after I hit “submit” on the Disney registration, three days after I forked over $150 (!) as a reg fee, POP. Three days. It wasn’t even a running-related injury. It was a sitting-on-my-ass-related injury.

That’s the irony part.

So I ended up walking my first ever 5K and I’m back in PT. Still not running yet, but I’m getting awesome at squats. Then today I looked at the calendar and realized I have less than six months until Disney. And I can’t even run. I won’t say I’m panicked. My doctor and my PT both believe it’s doable, training schedules for the half run about 3-4 months. I’m not panicked. I’m just a little concerned, shall we say. You can’t rush this kind of training, and I still feel very new at this serious running thing. I was planning to start the half training with a base of miles to build on. The timing should still work, but I am… concerned.


(Here comes the optimism part.)

(As an aside, my spellcheck keeps correcting optimism to Optimus and I laugh every time.)


I signed up for an easy-going half marathon for a reason. Not on the off-chance I would dislocate a body part, but so that I don’t have to worry too much about it all. I’m just going to take it easy, and fix my knee, and train as much as I can in the time available without rushing and risking more injury, and come February, well, hopefully I can run 13.1 miles (gulp) but if I have to walk or scamper or sashay or whatever for part of the course, well, not the end of the world. I’ll be dressed like a princess and I’ll be at Disneyworld. There are definitely worse things.

None of which, hopefully, will happen to me, though with my luck… No! We’re ending with optimism (Optimus). Here’s to an awesome six months of recovery and an awesome 13.1 miles in February! Stay tuned for full report and possibly training updates.