I am so New England

This is unfortunately the only photo I took. Doesn’t do the trip justice at all.

Today I did possibly the most New England thing I have done since moving to Boston: I drove 45 minutes outside the city and went apple-picking. Here, to be exact. Honey Pot Hill Orchards (ha, Honey Pot).

It was amazing. The orchards are huge and have a lot of varieties (and pears too, though they’re sold out by now), and then you can go down to the farm/store area and there are animals, very reasonably-priced pumpkins, a store with preserves and delicious cider, and a stand that sells very popular cider apple donuts and possibly the best caramel apple I have ever eaten in my life. This caramel apple, guys. It was epic.

Aside from the caramel apple, I acquired two pumpkins for carving, a gallon of cider, various and sundry from the store, and a bagful of mixed apples. Now I just have to figure out what to make with all these apples. I’m thinking this to start; Smitten Kitchen hasn’t failed me yet.