Unpublished but I Already Have Fan Art!

Around this time last year I finished the first draft of a novel. It’s currently sitting in a binder, awaiting yet another round of revision, and to date it has been read only by a few lovely beta readers. One of these was my talented boyfriend, and because he is super-amazing he made me these:

Those are statues of my two main characters. You can see more images here. I kind of can’t describe how totally awesome it is to see my characters through someone else’s eyes. Especially my main character:

He captured her sass so perfectly.

I was involved somewhat in the design process but he took most of the info straight from the novel and ran with it. This is how I learned that I never gave the main character an eye color, which prompted a series of emails that went sort of like this:

BF: What color are her eyes??

GRACE: oh uhhh… did I not say? Hold on while I search in the word doc for “eye.”

(twenty minutes later)

GRACE: well what do you know no I never gave her an eye color.

BF: …so what color are they?

GRACE: Well I certainly don’t know. Make something up, I guess.

Really though, I know I date him and all so I’m biased but didn’t he do a fantastic job?


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