obama is unimpressed

If you’ve been on the internet in the past 24 hours (which, since you’re here, you presumably have) you’ve seen this photo:

McKayla Maroney and President Obama are unimpressed

Which is, obviously, amazing. I am so glad this man is our President.

But it makes me wonder, and I’m totally serious here—how does the president stay up-to-date on cultural phenomena? While I’m glad he’s chill enough to be Unimpressed with McKayla (best talk show ever?), I like to think our President spends less time fucking around on the internet and following memes than the rest of us. Is there, like, a Secretary of Pop Culture?

I like to think so. I imagine a daily briefing over coffee: “This file has some examples of the McKayla Maroney ‘unimpressed face’ meme, Mr. President, and when you have finished eating I will update you on Lindsay Lohan.”

Actually, that would be the greatest job ever. Fuck around on the internet all day so the President doesn’t have to! Sign me up. For America.


One thought on “obama is unimpressed

  1. After watching tons of West Wing, this does seem to be the job of some of his staff, probably the press staff. “Oh, you have a photo shoot with McKayla Maroney today, Mr. President. This is who she is and this is what she’s known for, and this is what I want you to do in photos with her.”

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