kneecaps are fun

So rather than continue to entertain Twitter with random lines from all the Bablyon 5 I’m watching (sorry guys), I’m going to write a quick update on the Saga of the Infamous Dislocating Kneecap.

Basically: surgery! Wooooooo! I love surgery! Who doesn’t?? All sharp pointy things and knockout drugs and trendy hospital gowns. Also: CRUTCHES. Crutches are the best, especially in December.

Can you tell I’m excited?

For reals, though, surgery is scary. It’s a pretty simple procedure, supposedly (a lateral something medial something) but you know. Getting knocked out and having someone poke around inside me isn’t my first choice for a morning’s entertainment. I just hope this will fix whatever is wrong with my knee, whatever causes me to dislocate it while I’m asleep or just hanging out or whatever. Because let me tell you, I am tired of that shit.

So yeah. Next Thursday, guys and dolls. Grace’s left knee. Be there or be square.


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